Fast furniture is dead

Secondhand doesn't mean second best

Australian households dispose of approximately 24kg of wooden furniture annually.

At Antiquely, we offer only pre-loved, vintage, or antique items for homes. We're passionate about changing furniture's future by making it easier to buy and sell pre-owned and reclaimed pieces. Our homes look better than ever with our unique collection—nothing here is new; everything has a story.

Since September 2022 our community has saved OVER 1,300 items from landfill, and counting

  • Small Home Furniture

    22.40kg carbon emissions saved

  • Large Home Furniture

    83.40kg carbon emissions saved

  • Upholstered Furniture

    166.30kg carbon emissions saved

  • Electrical

    167.70kg carbon emissions saved

  • Homewares

    13.90kg carbon emissions saved

This data was calculated via Charitable Recycling Australia

Join our circular movement today

We've made selling your preloved items a breeze. Our complete circular model ensures you won't be stuck with unwanted pieces. List it, sell it, send it, get paid, and make room for your next pre-owned treasure.