Amy Spargo of Maine House Interiors

Get to know Amy Spargo from Maine House Interiors

As one of Australia's leading interior designers whose style is classic with a beautiful twist, I sat down with Amy Spargo from Maine House Interiors ahead of our Shop My Home launch to find out more about her amazing career, her style influences and to know her favourite vintage piece in her home Cliff Lodge.



What have been the three biggest influences on your aesthetic in your life:

In my early years, my childhood home was adorned with blue and white china, patterned fabrics, and embraced by a stunning garden. My mother, who has a remarkable talent for harmonizing high-end and affordable pieces, consistently crafted an inviting space where family and friends felt at ease. As I grew older, my travels to the US exposed me to a style of architecture and interiors that resonated deeply with my sensibilities.



How did you start your company, and/or what is your favorite thing about what you do:

I transitioned into the field of interiors following a brief venture into behavioural science during my university years. I immersed myself in the design world, beginning with employment at a prominent architectural firm. Subsequently, I honed my skills and gained valuable experience in a smaller interiors studio, laying the groundwork for the establishment of Maine House Interiors. The most fulfilling aspect of my work lies in connecting with numerous wonderful clients, understanding their families, and ultimately crafting spaces they truly consider home. The unique bond between designer and client, built on trust, is a profoundly special aspect of my career that I feel fortunate to experience while pursuing my passion.

Amy at her design studio before it opened


Do you have a mentor in your career, and if so, how have they helped to shape your trajectory:

Throughout my journey, I've been fortunate to have several mentors, all remarkable women who played pivotal roles in different stages of my career. Janne Faulkner, the founder of Nexus Designs where I spent several years, stood out as an Australian design icon. Even well into her 80s, Janne remained immersed in the world of design, imparting invaluable lessons. She emphasized the significance of immersing oneself in diverse cultures, people, and places, urging me to draw inspiration from these experiences in our designs. Another influential figure was my mother, a decorator with a bolder approach than mine. Her teachings encouraged me to embrace a less 'neat' design style and infuse spaces with unexpected elements, often the key to making a room truly come to life. As the saying goes, mums are always right!

Janne Faulkner of Nexus Design 
Janne Faulkner of Nexus Design


Amy Spargo and her mum

Amy and her mum

What does your home say about you:

Nestled right by the beach, Cliff Lodge exudes a fresh ambiance adorned with crisp blues and whites, enriched by an array of patterns and textures. Over the years, I've dedicated much time to scouring antique stores and markets, collecting unique pieces that I rejuvenate with charming fabrics or new paint finishes. Vintage prints, framed bookplates, and oil paintings depicting local beaches, including a beloved depiction of clipper ships, adorn our walls. When friends visit for lunch, they often find themselves lingering well into the evening, comfortably lounging on sofas that are aesthetically pleasing yet approachable. It warms my heart when they comment on the homely feel, expressing a sense of familiarity, perhaps sparked by a blue and white plate reminiscent of their mothers or a cane chair evoking memories of their grandparents' homes. Such remarks are the best compliments one could hope for.

Cliff Lodge view
Cliff Lodge ocean view

Cliff lodge Living room
Cliff Lodge living room


Cliff Lodge Terrace
Cliff lodge view


Types of home purchases you invest in, and save on:

I allocate my budget towards quality fabrics and bespoke upholstery pieces. I seek cost savings when acquiring vintage and antique furniture items, such as side tables, console tables, and chairs, as they contribute a distinct patina to the overall ambiance of a space yet the upholstery provides reinvigorates them. 


Maine House Interiors Vintage Treasures
A collection of old and new pieces


Maine House Interiors Como House
A collection of walking sticks with an antique chair in custom upholstery.


Vintage favorites
Collection of vintage boxes and antique chalkware framed portrait


Vintage Chair with Custom Upholstery
Vintage armchair with custom upholstery

Favourite places to shop for home:

My local antique stores and for online finds I love to browse Antiquely. It provides a one-stop-shop of great sellers online and I do like to support Australian businesses where I can. 


Vintage Styling
Mixture of old and new pieces


Most prized possession and why:

Apart from my three little girls, I hold dear a set of Wedgwood plates with sentimental value, once owned by my grandmother. Every Mother's Day, my grandfather would gift her a plate, and I now have five of these cherished pieces hanging on my wall. Additionally, there's a French antique chest of drawers from 1880 with faux bamboo detailing and a marble top. This exquisite piece was the result of a decade-long search and was finally discovered at The Drill Hall Emporium in Tasmania.

Faux Bamboo Chest
Faux bamboo chest of drawers

Collection of wedgwood plates
Collection of Wedgwood Jasperware plates
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