Get to know Melanie and Elizabeth from Ivy + Piper

Get to know Melanie and Elizabeth from Ivy + Piper

As a Brissy girl who loves colour, chinoiserie interiors with a twist of antique and patina, I have had a girl crush on Elizabeth and Melanie from Ivy + Piper for many, many years. From their days of their shoppable magazine content, creating their own range of wares, to watching their design business flourish and the launch of their Masterplan Bootcamp. I jumped at the chance to collaborate with this dynamic duo and have loved being immersed in their world of colour whilst working with them for our Tastemaker Sale.

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Before we get started a question I have wanted to know for a very long time is, where does your name Ivy + Piper come from?

The story behind our name is something we get asked about all the time. When we were in our 20’s and starting out we wanted a name that captured the spirit of our combined look. We wanted something that combined our love for traditional interiors and details but also something that reflected a modern twist which we always infused into our work.  My grandmother's name is Ivy which we felt conveyed the traditional element to our brand and Piper felt youthful, fresh and vibrant alongside Ivy. Therefore the combination of Ivy and Piper was born and we love that it shortens to IvP as well.

Melanie's home as photographed by Hannah Puechmarin

Elizabeth's home as photographed by Marnie Hawson 

Tell us about your journey into interior design. 
We have always enjoyed creative pursuits and in fact met at design college before both heading off into the world of design separately. We remained steadfast friends and as time wore on we discovered a shared vision for our design future and decided to partner up to create something unique.  It was a really special time following our creative intuition from developing a range of homewares, fabric and wallpapers to launching an online interiors magazine before finally settling back into our core passion: designing and decorating beautiful homes for amazing clients.


Who inspires you. 
Inspiration is everywhere and we’re constantly finding it in daily life whether it be flowers growing in the garden, a cobblestoned pathway, an embroidered textile or a beautiful property in the neighbourhood. Attempting to capture and recreate the feelings invoked by these lovely moments is the height of our inspiration. There are also many industry professionals whose work we admire, particularly the English and the American design studios for their ability to take interiors to the max. Some of our favorites include Salvesen Graham, Kit Kemp and Steven Gambrel for their creativity, unexpected combinations and architectural integrity.

Historical home with interiors by Salvesen Graham as featured in The Wold of Interiors


Room 203 of the Warren Street Hotel as designed by Kit Kemp. 


Library designed by Steven Grambel

What makes the Ivy + Piper style unique?

Our style is unique because it is a fusion of our two creative minds and design sensibilities. We always design together and find our best work is done when we combine forces as we each bring something different. We strive to create each client’s home as an expression of their personality and their lifestyle. As no two clients are the same neither are their homes so I guess you could say our style is fluid and client-centric with an emphasis on fun and energy. 


 Aubigny Farmhouse Media Room designed by Ivy + Piper & photographed by Hannah Puechmarin

Aspley House designed by Ivy + Piper, featuring lamp shade available in the Tastemaker Sale.  Photographed by Hannah Puechmarin

Tell me about your Masterplan Bootcamp you have created and why you created this?

The inception of Masterplan Bootcamp stems from our passion for accessible design. This was a journey that began in 2011 with our free online interiors magazine which aimed to democratize design by making high-quality interior insights available to everyone. As our business expanded, we realized we couldn't physically be everywhere at once so we created Masterplan Bootcamp as a means to reach and assist a broader audience. We understood that not all our followers needed comprehensive, bespoke design services. Many individuals prefer a more hands-on approach but still desire guidance to ensure their projects are successful. Our experience in the field has shown us the importance of meticulous planning in achieving excellent project outcomes. That's why we came up with the Master Plan Method—a system we've fine-tuned over many years that breaks down the complex tasks of home design into a linear sequence. With Masterplan Bootcamp we share our method and skills to students who want to design a successful renovation (or build) for themselves. Find out more about the Masterplan Bootcamp here


What is your favorite vintage or antique piece at home? Tell us its story, where you bought it and what you love about it so much/why you cherish it

Melanie: This is a hard one! My favorite piece might have to be the vintage Indian side chairs I purchased for our dining room, they are so quirky and I adore them! They have little carved timber painted legs with high heeled shoes on them! I couldn’t go past them when I found them from one of our favourite dealers in Melbourne and they happened to be covered in a beautiful vintage sari fabric that worked perfectly in our home. They are pretty wild but I love them.

Melanie's prized vintage Indian side chairs take pride of place in her dining room. Photographed by Hannah Puechmarin

Elizabeth: My mother has an antique gilt and green marble console table with lions feet and I have coveted it forever! When I found a baby gilt console from an antiques dealer in Victoria, complete with green marble top, I thought it looked like the baby version of my mother's. I just had to snap it up and it is probably my favorite piece at home taking pride of place in our classic entry.


Elizabeth's favourite antique piece at home in her entryway. Photographed by Melanie Hawson 


Now tell us something you regret selling, these are the items that haunt our dreams. 

We sourced and sold the most divine Bessarabian kilim for a client’s home office.  It was a stand out because the background of the rug was yellow which is so unusual and the floral motif was the most perfect mix of blue, pink and green.  We are so happy this special client of ours treasures it in her home however it will always be the one that got away!

 Bessarabian kilim sourced for a very lucky client


What do you love most about buying vintage and antique pieces? 

It is for us the thrill of the unusual and the unique and of course the traditional construction methods are testaments to a bygone era of meticulous artistry and mean we don’t have to worry about quality as it is innate.  We love to mix vintage and antique pieces in unexpected ways and when you are not buying from a showroom full of carbon copies you have the freedom to think outside the square.  These old pieces somehow speak to you and you find yourself imagining where you might use them to elevate a room or interior.


Aubigny Farmhouse as designed by Ivy + Piper.  Photographed by Hannah Puechmarin

Carina Townhouse as designed by Ivy + Piper.  Photographed by Hannah Puechmarin

What’s the one item that you believe every home should have and why

If nothing else, invest in great art that speaks to you on some level.  Art is a highly individual and personalized way to dress the walls and evoke a feeling within your space.  It’s also a wonderful way to satisfy your broad range of taste as your collection could consist of a modern abstract, photography, sculpture or an antique oil all in the same room. 


Middle Ridge project designed by Ivy + Piper featuring beautiful vintage floral artwork available as part of the Ivy + Piper Tastemaker Sale. Photographed by Hannah Puechmarin.

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